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Women Will Create at the Lillet Summer Picnic

A few months ago we were approached by Fever and asked to take part in a summer picnic with the french aperitif brand Lillet and we jumped at the chance!

Organised by Fever and Secret London, the event was set to have a summery picnic vibe with live music, food, cocktails and a mini Women Will Create Market.

I headed to set up on Saturday as for the first time ever, I had my own stall! For someone who organises markets, I am always talking to people about their set up and how to make it stand out. However, it felt like a different thing when doing my own and it was pretty daunting. I was doing lots of research into where to get things and spent a long time browsing Hobbycraft (both online and in person. To be fair, it was pretty enjoyable as I love all the crafty bits).

I was joined by Aya Aromas, Bryony Moss Illustration, RuthDraws, Imogen Melissa Embroidery and Kam Creates. It was a warm day, with the sun shining and it meant that everyone was in really good spirits.

The event itself was at Inner Temple Gardens, a beautiful space not far from Temple and Blackfriars tube stations. I found myself walking along the Thames to get there and thought about how strange and wonderful London can be, with things hidden everywhere. The garden looked idyllic, full of wooden swings, picnic blankets and small tables for people to enjoy a drink and some nibbles in the sun.

Each ticket included a cocktail and a picnic basket including camembert, french bread, a salad and a chocolate mousse. One of my favourite parts of the day was sitting in the shade outside, watching everyone enjoy themselves whilst tucking into lunch.

The atmosphere was amazing and it was lovely to be part of something a little different that felt truly special. It was also so nice to share an experience with brands I have got to know well since starting markets and having a chance to get to know them a little better at the same time. I also ended up taking the huge sign home, which was not the most practical thing to get on a train back to Newcastle with the next day but I had to take it!

Working with both amazing small brands on top of well known brands was an absolute pleasure and I found myself having a bit of a "pinch me" moment!

If you want to work with Women Will Create and have a mini market or panel talk at your event, get in touch!


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