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Women Will Create Meets... Amy Meadows Events

At Women Will Create we love seeing strong and powerful women in different areas of business. There will be guest posts from amazing women so you can learn a little more! We spoke to Amy, owner of Amy Meadows Events who went into more detail about what she does.

Hey, I’m Amy. I’m an overachiever who thrives on being busy and working with fascinating people to create unforgettable experiences. My business, Amy Meadows Events, launched at the end of last year, and specialises in events that are unapologetically eccentric and have the individual at their heart. Amy Meadows Events has been in the back of my mind for several years. I’d always thought that it would be something that I would invest in ‘when I am older’ (what does that even mean, really?) A combination of a change in my personal situation, and the influence of some key female mentors in my life prompted me to launch the business earlier than I was expecting, and it is already the best decision I have ever made. I’ve worked across several industries, starting in Construction, inspired by my father. We share a love of process and creating structures and designs from the ground up. The delayed gratification, the physical outcome of your hard work and the thrilling process of feeling part of a team that is creating something special all contributed to my love of buildings and architecture. I’ve been obsessed with high ceilings and alcoves for as long as I can remember. It’s a great place to start when scouting event spaces: always look up. Some events and live experiences change the course of a person’s life. I can attribute a love of design to seeing Es Devlin’s sets in the theatre (most notably The Nether, Girls and Boys and Don Giovanni). The thing that tells you that a set has been designed by Es is that you have never seen a more extraordinary design, except for other installations that she has done. All her work is completely unique, and yet you know it is hers because it is exceptional and you can’t work out how she could possibly have achieved it. Seeing her work has been a huge inspiration to me throughout my career. That moment of disbelief as you enter a space is something I strive for. Once that moment has passed, the event becomes about the connections between the humans you meet. Often people are thrown together at events that otherwise wouldn’t have met, and go on to be business partners, lovers, friends or mentors. The possibilities are endless. My goal is to create events that build communities and bring people together, even if it is just for one, unforgettable evening. To see the kind of partnership I provide, and generous things that my clients have said, please visit my website here.

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