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Women Will Create Meets.... Mac&Moore

At Women Will Create we love seeing strong and powerful women in different areas of business. There will be guest posts from amazing women so you can learn a little more! We spoke to Jess, co-owner of Mac&Moore who went into more detail about what she does.

I set up Mac&Moore alongside my business partner Nat just over two years ago. We are a brand marketing consultancy with big ideas, and between us we have over 17+ years’ experience and a proven track record of solving business challenges through creative and strategic marketing for a whole raft of different businesses. We’re based mainly in London but our entrepreneurial journey has taken us across Europe, most recently spending 6 months in Amsterdam. Since starting up, we’ve had a number of really key learnings and wanted to share some advice to other female entrepreneurs who are thinking seriously about going solo. We hugely benefited from some sage words of wisdom when we were at the beginning of our business journey, and even though all advice you receive might not be relevant, it’s always worth being a ‘sponge’ in the early stages and soaking up as much as you can. 1. Believe in yourself.

Easier said than done, but having confidence in your abilities is crucial if you’re going to set up your own business. Promoting yourself and your services/products is so important if you’re going to create the success you’re looking for. Surround yourself with ‘cheerleaders’ who will give you that extra push when you need it. We certainly wouldn’t be where we are now without ours. 2. Get your finances in order.

One of the most daunting parts of going solo was the financial aspects of running your own business. Before you make the leap to self-employment make sure you’re clued up on what you need to earn to survive and what price you need to pitch your services/products at. Some great resources are included within Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women. Written by writer and brand consultant Otegha Uwagba it’s packed full of amazing tips for creative women looking to set up on their own. 3. Community over competition.

It’s a lonely world working for yourself and I definitely miss some elements of the office culture I left behind with the 9-5. However, we’ve found there’s a world of incredible women out there bossing the game in different areas of the creative world. Don’t be afraid to reach out and connect for some advice, chats and even a IRL meet up. We’ve made some amazing friends through Instagram and Twitter since we started our business journey and we’ve even started collaborating together on some exciting new collaborations with them – watch this space! 4. Your personal brand.

Most of the entrepreneurs we have found ourselves being drawn towards have all been open in sharing their story of how and why they decided to set up on their own. By weaving that personal journey into the way they communicate with the outside world, it only enhances our connection with that business. When we talk to other freelancers or those looking to setting up on their own, the number one piece of advice I give them is to think about what their personal brand is and how this should be reflected both online and offline. I recently wrote a blog post on this if you wanted to read up on any additional top tips! 5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

If I could ask you to take away ONE thing from this post, it’s that you shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes or fail hard from time to time. Trust me it happens to all of us and you’re not going to be able to avoid it! Just make sure you learn along the way and don’t make the same mistake twice. I really like the phrase “it’s either success or learnings” look at the mistakes you make as valuable lessons that are only going to make you better at what you do. To find out more about Mac&Moore and join their girl gang then visit their website at: or connect on Twitter and Instagram @macandmoore

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