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Women Will Create Meets... Mango Pie Events

I’m a wedding and events designer living in Kent working in London, and I run Mango Pie events, a boutique event management and design agency. I specialise in making an impact and leave a lasting impression. If you want organza chair bows I’m probably not your gal.

My route here is slightly disjointed; I organised my school James Bond themed prom when I was 14 and from there I went to sixth form, which i soon learnt was the total wrong choice for me. I dropped out and got a job as an events assistant at 16. I studied a foundation degree in art & design at the same time for 2 years, and then decided to learn from my sixth form experience and not go to uni. It was the best decision I’ve made (to date). I then got a job in corporate events and worked my way up, and now Mango Pie. I do this because I love it and it doesn’t feel like a job. I spend a lot of my time being creative, whether that’s trying to think outside the box with marketing plans, trying to work out what will make a particular event stand out from the crowd, or simply creating designs. I love it and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I took the plunge because it felt like the right time. It’s instilled in me to work hard, since I was 14 I knew I’d work for myself and I’ve been fighting the urge to quit every job I’ve ever had. In reality it was a slightly boring case of I felt I had enough experience to make it work and I still lived at home so there was less pressure on bills etc. What inspires me now and what inspired me growing up are still fairly similar. My Dad started and sold a very successful business, so I’ve always wanted to achieve what he did. I remember reading Karen Brady’s auto biography when I was about 13 and thinking she was the best thing since sliced bread! (Meeting her was a major OMG moment for me) Other successful women really inspire me, I love Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon’s podcast “Being Boss”, and they inspire me with every episode. My design inspiration normally comes from one object or imagine which everything else becomes an extension of. When I start out, I like to not have an end in mind and just “go with the flow” (cringe). Designing is unique to each person, so you just have to find your way!

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