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Rebecca Dickson


Women Will Create was an idea thought up by the founder Rebecca when she wanted to find something that would coincide the things she loved. With life being so busy, it can be hard to juggle a social life, a career and a creative outlet. Why can't a woman have it all?

This is a space for those in small business, those who want to start a business or those looking for a creative boost! 

The aim is to host female only markets, workshops and morale sessions to help you feel confident and powerful!

Women can work.

Women are strong.

Women Will Create.

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Hey gals! I'm Rebecca. I grew up in London and recently moved up North with my husband, our cat Mack and our pup Elsie. 

I am a popular culture junkie, love horror and thrillers (especially Scream and Silence of the Lambs) and get very obsessed about TV shows (mainly The Sopranos, Buffy, Sex and the City and The Office US).

I am quite an anxious person and one of my anxiety busting activities is going for long walks along canals, rivers, the beach - any water really!

My love for small businesses has always been there, but over the last few years I have realised how important supporting small and local businesses really are. I am so happy to working with such incredible people on my journey with Women Will Create

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