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How to do an Instagram Live

Finding the right kind of content for you can be a process. Not everything will work for your brand. You also may not feel confident in doing some of it. But I will always advise you to give something a go!

Instagram is constantly changing

Whenever you get used to something on the platform, it goes ahead and brings another offering. It can be exhausting! One thing we have learnt is that video content is favoured by Instagram. It might be our of your comfort zone but sometimes that is where the exciting stuff can happen!

Why go live?

Going live on Instagram can start a bit of a buzz on your profile. People will want to tune in so will be on your profile or checking out your page! If you are being joined by other pages, it means you will be seen by a wider audience and can grow in followers and engagement.

What do I talk about?

Well, this is completely up to you but I would always think about what seems to work on your page. Do you find people engage with some things a lot? Try to focus on that!

For me I find that talking to people that my followers admire is one great attraction for them. The other is something that can seem valuable and they can learn from. For example, if you have some knowledge about how to make something, how to market something etc, then go live and chat about it!

Ok, I have an idea, what's next?

If you want to ask someone to join a live, drop them a message! I am a firm believer that sliding into someone's DMs to have a chat can really work with an initial connection. See if they are interested in joining an Instagram Live and then you can always send an email over with more details!

Promote the live and talk about it. It builds up interest about what you will be talking about. Add it on your stories, create a post about it. That way you are also making more content along the way.

What to do on the day

Actually clicking "go live" can be a little daunting. However, it honestly looks scarier than it actually is! When you click the option to go live, you can do some adjusting beforehand. I would recommend adding a title that will catch peoples eye, something that stands out to them. Once you add this, you can add filters etc and then click the live button. If you are waiting for someone to join, you will see them join the live and send a request over to be part of it.

And that is it really! Remember, video content is important on Instagram but you need to have fun with it! Relax, have notes with you if you feel like you won't remember everything you need to day and go with it! I was so nervous for the first time I did it but I absolutely loved it. It actually pushed me to do a few series and speaking to more and more people!

One last thing to remember...

It can be hard not to focus on the number of people that are currently viewing the video. Never be put off by this! People may jump in and out as they will have things going on. The other thing you will see is that they may just not be free at the time you are going live. I would always recommend saving the video on your profile and sharing it afterwards on stories etc to allow future viewing. I have definitely caught up on videos a little later as I have not been free at the time.

Fancy watching some of the Instagram Lives on Women Will Create to give you a bit of inspo? You'll find them here.

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