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Introducing an artist...... Christina Marshall

I am lucky to meet lots of amazing small brands and artists with Women Will Create. I want to give small brands and creatives a space to showcase who they are and what they do! Here is the amazing Christina of Christina G Designs.

My name is Christina Marshall and I love working in the creative field of art and design. I specialise in experimenting with different art materials such as painting, drawing, embroidery, mixed media (collaging), graphic design and UX design. On my website I have examples of each of these materials. This involves using graphic design pencils, acrylic paint, glitter paint, canvas boards, paint brushes, photoshop and illustrator. 


When I create different styles of work, I like to be playful with the colours that I use. Not being rigid with placement of colours gives a relaxed feel in my creations. I absolutely love creating paintings of local landmarks that I love such as, Bruce Castle Museum, Alexandra Palace, Tottenham Town Hall, The High Cross and many other amazing places. I was born and raised in Tottenham and am proud to be part of this community.

Walthamstow Town Hall by Christina Marshall

You can shop from Christina on Etsy here as well as checking her work out on Instagram

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