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A little hello from Rebecca, the founder of Women Will Create

Hey babes! It's been a while since we have had a blog on the website and thought it would be great to do a little re-introduction!

For anyone who is new here, my name is Rebecca and I am the founder of Women Will Create. I started WWC when I was in a job that gave me absolutely no joy and I was finding the grind of a toxic workplace was really grinding me down. It was then I started thinking about doing something that combined skills I had and things I loved. As I was a copywriter and a people person, I wanted to do something fun that showcased women doing their thing and supporting them along the way.

At the time I was not sure what this was going to evolve into. It was really exciting to speak to people and get to know them whilst they were on their journey. When I joined forces with Like Minded Females to host my very first event, I was nervous about putting myself and my ideas out there in the world. We hosted a panel event all about self branding with Pip Jolley, Gina Martin, Ellie Kimbe, Amie Snow and Robyn Richford. It was the first time I finally realised people were watching what I was doing. I met so many people who followed WWC and introduced themselves. It completely blew my mind.

Since then, I have hosted in person mingle events for those who may not have had a Christmas party as they were self employed. I also showcased small businesses and made the decision to start markets full of small independent brands owned by women. However, like many of us, I had to pivot my idea as the pandemic hit and we went into restrictions or lockdowns. I was raring to go and felt my plans come to a very abrupt halt. It was after a conversation with a friend who suggested I do the markets online to begin with.

In July 2020, I hosted the first online market. Held via Instagram, I showcased 26 small businesses - varying from candles and jewellery to illustrators and artists. It was a great experience and made me realise this was something I could do to help support small businesses in their time of need as well as put my idea of markets out into the world. More were hosted in 2020, including a bumper 2 day market in the lead up to Christmas. As WWC held more markets, our following grew and grew. In 2021, when we had that long slog of a lockdown, online markets were a way to widen the audience for these brands. Once the world opened up a little, I made the decision to hold off on online markets. I saw the change in how people shop adapt and wanted what WWC did to reflect this.

We hosted our first IRL market in Stoke Newington in the September. There were 22 small businesses with stalls over 2 floors. I even roped my mum into helping out and handing out flyers and my husband Andrew to make Bloody Mary's. It was so incredible to finally have an event in person and speak to so many people I had got to know over the last year or so.

At the end of September, we moved out of London and up to Newcastle, where my husband is from. This hasn't changed my ideas for Women Will Create.

What is next for Women Will Create? There are lots of exciting things in the works. More markets are coming, in both London and Newcastle. There will be more collaborations with brands, both online and in person, as well as a few other things I have up my sleeve.

I can't wait for what is yet to come! I am always on the lookout for brands to work with. If you want to get involved, please drop me a message.


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