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How to be a cheerleader

When you think of cheerleaders, what do you think of? Is it American movies and pom poms? There are lots of versions of cheerleaders that you see in tv shows and movies, but I always think of ones in day to day life.

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a professional cheerleader!

Growing up, I was always the friend that people seemed to go to for advice and help. I definitely didn't always have the answers but I tried my best to help in any way I can. I wanted my friends to feel good about themselves and I was the first one to support them in what they were doing.

Once I started Women Will Create, I realised without thinking, I was doing the same to small brands and businesses that I met. I wanted to tell people how amazing someone was, or how great something I had seen or bought was.

For me, being a cheerleader is something I do every day. Not sure on the best way to be a cheerleader to people around you? Here are a few ideas:

Share things

See something you love? Share it! Social media gives you a platform to share your ideas and things that inspire you. This means that even a share of something on an Instagram story can make someone's day!

Shout out

I have met many friends since starting Women Will Create. It is so incredible to see people grow, see their businesses grow and see them do well. I always feel like a proud mama! If I see any of this, I want to shout it from the rooftops!

Give someone a shout out. Say how amazing they are. Tell someone in person that you have seen someone do something amazing and you think it's really cool!

Buy from makers

Of course, being a cheerleader is not just about small businesses. However, one way to really be a supporter of someone's dream is to invest in it. Buy something from them, attend a workshop, go to an event!

Talking helps

We all have moments when we think "what are we doing" and "we aren't good enough". It can be really hard to make decisions in life, to push towards things you want to do and really give it a go. One thing I think always helps is talking about it. If you have a friend, a family member or even a colleague who is thinking all of the above, it may be that they need to be told otherwise.

A big part of being a cheerleader is telling someone they are great when they might not be thinking it themselves. Knowing that they have someone that believes in them, their ideas and their ability can go a really long way and can be incredibly powerful.

It's why myself and my best friend, the founder of Basic Witch Nailz, are the biggest cheerleaders for one another. We know it can be hard, we have both felt self doubt but we have always believed in one another. This is the thing that has kept us going, has pushed us further and essentially, given us the validation that we needed at that time.

Remember, we all need people in our corners. If you can do that for people around you (or even for people you may not have met in person but only spoken to online), you may not realise the impact that support will have on someone.

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